“CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!”
Optimizing your Processes

You’ll find the entire live-streamingevent on demand right here.

Meeting place of the machining industry

On 17 June 2021, thousands of machining experts from around the world came together to take part in our live-streaming event. A complete recording of the event is available to download here. Log in with your user credentials and watch the main programme or one of the four Insights.

The choice is yours. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here, and also gain access to every episode of “CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!”.


“CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!”
Optimizing your processes

You’ll find a summary of the last episode of “CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!” and a few impressions here.

  • The digital format of course affords ultimate flexibility and CERATIZIT took full advantage of this by switching seamlessly between the studio, its Technical Centre in Kempten, Germany and also its brand new Technical Centre in Paris.

    Dave Tudor, Production Engineering Solutions

  • What Brits refer to as Tea-Time, is what the machining pros at CERATIZIT now refer to as Tool-Time – the first virtual event of its kind.

    Peter Königsreuther, MM MaschinenMarkt

  • Of course it can't fully replace attending a trade fair, but it's as close as we can get with the current rules on social distancing.

    Workshop + operations

  • “CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!” conveys professional knowledge to metalworking decision-makers.

    John Nyberg, Teknovation

  • There’s little margin for error with live broadcasts and it’s a fine line between success and ... chaos ... To me, CERATIZIT ... proved it can be done, and it can be done well.

    Dave Tudor, Production Engineering Solutions


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Yes. To do so, simply log in to www.itstooltime.tv with your user credentials and select the programme on demand. If you do not have user credentials yet, you need to register.

How do I register for the programme?

Visit www.itstooltime.tv to register free of charge. After you have registered, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to confirm your registration. You can only log in to www.itstooltime.tv using your user credentials once you’ve completed the registration process.

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What languages is the programme available in?

You can watch “CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!” in German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian. 

Can I still watch the first episode of “CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!”?

You can watch the first episode any time on YouTube:
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How long after the programme has broadcast will I still be able watch it?

All of the programme contents will be available on www.itstooltime.tv until the end of September.